The Queen Of Awkward Love Stories, Tessa Violet, Is Full Of 'Bad Ideas'

Tessa Violet portrays how beautiful love can be even if it's intertwined with bad ideas with her newest music video, 'Bad Ideas'.

When I first heard music from Tessa Violet, I fell in love fast, but there was a plucking feeling in the back of my head, I felt as if I ought to be careful because with a sound so distinct, it's so easy for new artists to fall in a rut. A rut that embodies their music, making it all sound the same.

But something different has been occurring when it comes to Violet, the fact that she's able to use every element of creativity; fashion, sound, visuals, and her voice to maintain a very VERY similar image, yet make it feel fun and interesting every time, now that's some serious skill. She's done it again with ease in her latest video.

She might be a bit awkward, but it's in the most endearing way.

Watch 'Bad Ideas' with us below.