Manchado Is Making Music Unlike Any Other

Manchado's official video for 'In My Head' released on the 7th is making the rounds, and we just had to share it with you.

Starting off with the visuals, the video features four dancers and Manchado himself. The four dancers are clothed in custom painted white clothes, splashed with primary colored paints depicting faces on the front and words that haunt most creators on the back of each dancer. Just the clothing itself, moving with each of the dancers in their expressive movements, it's breathtaking in the most contemporary way.

Manchado opens the video with his back turned to us, while the video quickly cuts to various different scenes, which continues throughout the video. The mention of confusion is also in the starting lyrics, which could be the reason behind this sporadic string of visuals that make the viewer feel so enthralled they can't look away even if they wanted to, even if there is a tone of confusion.

Then the feature from Renima almost comes as a shock because it's such a different pace compared to the boy band 90s vibe of Manchado and his dancers, but it's a very welcoming change that flows so well with the whole of the song, it not only makes it more memorable but also it's a risk that shows how confident these two music artists really are when it comes to their strengths and talents. They make it work.

Watch the video below for Manchado's 'In My Head':