Frank Ocean's Now Public Instagram Could Mean Much More From The Private Artist

Frank Ocean, a name that immediately brings the feeling of mystery and confusion.

Photographed by Michael Mayren

Most people know Ocean more for his prolonged absence from the music industry, he is pretty much the king of ghosting his fans. It went from a feeling of "maybe he's just making us wait to build anticipation", to "I think Frank Ocean gave up on music". Which is not a great spectrum to find yourself on as a budding artist.

But there's more secrecy to his life, it doesn't all just revolve around music. For the longest time he actually had a private Instagram. Now the fact that he had an Instagram wasn't secret, it was more of a matter of what happened to be posted on his Instagram.

It actually turns out that he's just like us peasants! WOW!

Okay, but seriously, it's pretty cool to see what a guy like Ocean would feel the need to post on social media, a platform he chose to hide from most of the world.

His earliest post was published around last year, the time he left his music cave and actually went to the Met Gala (which was quite the shocker).

When you scroll through his now public Instagram feed while listening to 'Nikes' you might notice a thing or two. First off, he absolutely loves art and posts about it often, most notably a sort of affinity for David Hockney, a very important visual artist within the LGBT movement.

Ocean also seems to have maintained his humble beginnings, because he is still very excited to share about the opportunities that come his way, which isn't something you typically see from the celebs out there who won't even crack a smile unless they're paid to do so (you know, with that teeth whitening shit).

What Else?

As of today, his most recent post is captioned, "Love", a black and white photo of him in the studio. Could this possibly be a sign?

He even shows some classic shots from years ago, such as this peace sign poppin' selfie from 2013.

One last post which happens to be one of my favorites, this caption is golden.

What Does It All Mean?

Is there a reason as to why Frank Ocean has chosen to keep Instagram private until now?

I believe so. Just by having a quick scroll and paying attention to the captions of each photo, you'll notice two things.

1. Many captions don't show much, they're simple, usually something reflecting love, either by an emoji heart or even just typing out the word love.

2. When he does write out a caption, it's usually something wholesome and kind.

What if Frank Ocean decided to keep his Instagram private because he didn't want the judgement from others because he's not your typical musician in the R&B scene? What if he just wanted to bring positivity to the world, but was too hesitant to show everyone his mission, so he left it to his music?

Maybe this change will bring a change within Ocean, maybe he'll actually use his platform to spread that positivity regardless of the negativity that will always be out there no matter what. We can only hope that this openness will be met with love and respect no matter how you feel about his music. Ocean has made a difference, we just hope this encourages him to put action side by side with his music as a visionary in today's youth culture.

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