Everything To Know About Jarina De Marco And Her Mission To Protest Through Bops

Jarina De Marco not only is a strong and iconic woman who's using her platform to empower others, but she's going to make a big splash in the new year of 2019. We'd bet on it.

Her heavy hitting tracks make your legs groove and your chest bump as the beat overflows your, well.. everything.

Jumping back to her very first release, 'Bilingual', we were introduced to a music artist who obviously had direction, a vision, and of course confidence. This track showcases Marco seemingly speaking to a past heartbroken self who was crying on the kitchen floor, encouraging her past self and any others who want some sound advice, to overcome and stay in tune with herself, sexually and mentally.

The video throws around some positive affirmations, encourages us all to get up, and to get off.

Fast forward to her latest track, 'FACE', we encounter that some love of positivity and encouragement from this new artist. 'FACE' without a doubt seems like Jarina De Marco is finding her sweet spot when it comes to her sound. There also a massive influence from ballroom and vogue culture that can be heard immediately when the track starts.

We just have some major respect for creators who put themselves out there, not only with their creations, but also with their beliefs that thy stand by.

It's a track unlike most others that are being produced, it takes a leap forward, expanding what we know about defined genres and who is "allowed" to create within those constraints. Jarina De Marco has already proven that she's here to stay and with only a handful of songs out there right now, we can only wait anxiously for her next.